Founded in 1997, Odeshin Filtration Company based in Xinxiang, Henan, China, is one of Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier of filtration products. For more than 25 years, we focus have been on providing exceptional customized and efficient filtration solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. Rely on the highest-quality products and reliable service, we quickly achieved a reputation for solving filtration problems. We are ISO 9001 approved, ensuring all our products are meet or exceed the standard requirements of design, manufacture, inspection and packaging etc.



We have been at the forefront of design and development of filtration engineering, providing solutions for almost every need. We have own research and development department and a well-qualified team of expert professionals and secure our professional filtration leadership through patents and latest technology. We have the skilled personnel and the machinery necessary to design and manufacture a broad range of filtration products for a variety of industrial applications. With continually improve and diversify our comprehensive product line, our technical knowledge has grown to align with our production capabilities. With Odeshin, you get the benefit of our collective expertise, ready to solve any filtration challenge.

During our years of growth, we have trained and developed a sales force of highly skilled representatives and established an extensive network of sales around the world. We sales team is committed to providing our customers hassle-free support and service by providing quality products and fast delivery at best economical price in our domain. Our friendly sales team has extensive product knowledge, application expertise, and virtually unlimited industry resources, which has enabled Odeshin to be one of leading supplier of industrial filtration products, both domestically and internationally, and help our company stay future-proof and competitive.